The Beginner's Guide for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

sugar babiesFinally, you are ready to step into the sugar dating field. As a newbie in the sugar dating world, there are so many things you want to know. Where to start? Don't worry and take it easy. We've got this beginner's guide for sugar daddies and sugar babies like you.

Sugar Daddy Meaning

A Sugar daddy is a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. Sugar benefactors can help to cover tuition, bills, and frequently enjoy bestowing gifts upon their partners. Sugar daddies exist on three levels. The Splenda Daddy is on the lowest end. He promises to shower a partner with cash and gifts, but often is limited by his income. Next is the Sugar Daddy who has a budgeted amount of sugar funds that he allocates to his sugar partner on a weekly or monthly basis. Last is a Honey Daddy who is the cream of the crop. His income has no bounds, and he can easily support multiple sugar babies. This is the official definition of the sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby Meaning

What is a sugar baby? Sugar baby is a person who is in a specific type of transactional relationship for the expressed purpose of achieving economic security. A person in such a romantic relationship may receive cash, gifts or other financial and material benefits in exchange for being in the relationship. This is the official definition of the sugar daddy.

Sugar Relationship

Do you think that a sugar relationship is about money and sex? No, definitely not. Don't misinterpret the sugar relationship. In fact, the sugar relationship is more about guidance, companionship, and growth. Sugar daddies are financially independent and tend to have more successful experiences. They can give more guidance to sugar baby and make it easier for sugar babies to succeed. And sugar babies provides company for sugar daddies, relieving the pressure in their life. Sugar daddies also find passion and motivation to keep going from Sugar babies. Some people even find their soul mates in the sugar relationship and get happily married.

With these definitions in mind, you should have some idea of what sugar daddy dating looks like. What are you waiting for? Just start your sugar dating journey with the following links:

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Good luck for sugar daddies and sugar babies!