Beware of Being Sugar Mommy

sugar mommyThere are men today who have the interest in building love relationships with women. If you are a middle aged woman who is lonely and wanting to have someone to remain at your side, you may want to be a sugar mommy. A sugar mommy is typically an older lady who is willing to give everything a young man can ever wish to get – money, material things and gifts in exchange of companionship and love.

A lot of couples today involve a young man and an older woman by only a few of them made it last and grow day by day. Being a sugar mommy means you have to be financially stable and with disposable income that you can use to spend for the happiness of a young man so he will never think of finding someone else because he is happy with what you can give him. Any sugar mama out there will tell a man that her looks and body will not be as good and attractive as what a young lady possesses. What they can only do is to try keeping a man at their side through money and generosity.

A sugar mommy usually goes after a young man for the reason that he represents all those things that a man of the same age range can show while hers was gone. A young man tends to bear more passion as well as spontaneity. Spending time with him can be a good experience but then again, you should be aware of the disadvantages of being a sugar mama.

Cons of Being a Sugar Mommy
If there are advantages of being a sugar mama, there are also some disadvantages associated with this matter. Among the disadvantages are as follows:

1.A sugar mommy would tend to change and mold her man to what she wants him to become. It means a sugar mama can become imposing and manipulative in the eyes of a young man. This is usually one of the things that men hate.

2.A sugar mama is viewed as a predator who takes advantage of a young man. Even within the modern society, people treat in a different way those men and women involved in a May-December love affair. It is true even for a relationship wherein a man is older. The society becomes even more judgmental of a relationship where the woman is older than her partner.

3.While a sugar mommy might be capable of keeping up with the passion of a young man when it comes to sex, the same might not be true with regard to the social activities of a young man. It might be impossible for a sugar mommy to endure the music and the club scene loved by a young man. The interest of young people will always be too far from that of older individuals. The result? A sugar mommy would end up comparing her interest when she was young to that of her young partner.

4.A young man who is found to be a lover of an older woman is more prone to teasing and taunting. He may find it awkward to walk along the street while holding the hand of an older woman who can be a friend of her mother.

5.A young man may want to be with an older woman just for money and not love. When you don’t have something to offer him, he will leave you for sure.

As you can see, there are a lot of negative things associated with a sugar mommy. Being a sugar mommy doesn’t mean you will not be gaining any benefit from it. You are lucky enough if you will be able to find a young man who can love you for a lifetime. So, are you brave enough to face all these challenges and consequences in exchange of happiness in the arms of a handsome, young man?