Are Sugar Babies Prostitutes

sugar babiesMany people have a prejudice against sugar babies. They think sugar babies are like prostitutes, selling sex for money. They simply label the sugar lifestyle as prostitution. There has been a lot of debate surrounding the fact that is sugar babies prostitutes or not. There may be certain similarities between the two, but in reality, there is a huge difference between the two. If you are wondering are sugar babies equivalent to prostitutes then you should once go through this article.

A sugar baby is someone who is known to be in a specific transactional relation for the very purpose of getting economic security from the other party. A sugar baby may receive cash and gifts in exchange of being in the relationship. The partner of a sugar baby is usually a wealthier man and generally older man than the sugar baby. On the other hand, a prostitute is someone who involves sexual acts in exchange for money. There is no romantic relationship involved in it.

What are the differences between a sugar baby and prostitution

The major points of difference between the two may be summed up into the following points:

1, A prostitute is known to have a transactional relationship with her client. They meet, participate in the sexual act and exchange funds. There is no romantic involvement included. But as far as sugar babies are concerned, they are known to have an ongoing relationship with their partner in exchange for money and other expensive stuff. It can be said that it is a relation that doesn’t follow the traditional rules of a relationship.

2, Being a sugar baby is a choice of lifestyle. It is never a profession. But in the case of prostitution, it is actually a profession and most people are involved in it so that they can earn for their living.

3, Sugar babies do have a bond and connection with their partners but a prostitute doesn’t. A prostitute is more of a onetime thing with emotional connection.

So these are the major differences that separate the two categories. Now that you are aware of it, you will be able to make others understand the concept better.

What are the advantages of being sugar babies

There are several benefits of being a sugar baby and they are as follows:

1, Financial stability: The first main benefit of being a sugar baby is that they can achieve a lifetime of financial stability. All they need to do is get a rich man in their life and be in a relationship with them in exchange for money.

2, Live life, king size: Being with a wealthy partner basically means that you can avail all the luxuries in the world. Starting from shopping to traveling, you have it all.

Thus, from the above discussion, it can be stated that being a sugar baby is not equivalent to being a prostitute. Both are different things and have different meanings. However, sugar babies are not prostitutes, the life of a sugar baby is much better than that of prostitutes.